PM: Sunday Day 38 

Another Sunday bites the dust and I’m still alcohol free! Unheard of 6 weeks ago. Cooking a roast used to be my best excuse for pouring out  a large glass of wine! Off course it didn’t end with one! Usually I would have three or four! But today I had some delicious sparkling water infused with mint and a ginger tea bag. I did have a bag of jelly tots and a few refreshers though.. Obviously needed that sugary hit that I used to get from wine. But the great news was no craving wine! 

I find making sure that I’m full and never hungry really helps. As I said earlier my six week sober school has come to an end today, which is why I set up this blog.. So that I can write down how I am feeling and motivate myself (and anyone else whose listening) to continue on my sober path. 

I am off to sleep now. Cats are in their room and settling down for the night. Well until 5.30am when it all starts again! 

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