9AM : Friday – Day 57

The days are rolling into weeks now. Every week is definitely slightly easier than the previous week. I can’t say each day because sometimes I have a bad day. At the moment I’ve been beating myself up for eating sugary sweets. In large quantities too! I have been feeling slightly depressed, tired and irritatable so this weekend (other half is away) I am going to organise my “computer room” which is like a tip. Get in the car and go somewhere nice for a walk. I have a membership card for the national Trust so I’m going to go to a garden/house and have a lovely walk round. Make a plan for a healthy week of eating. Slimming world style. 

Also I’ve just worked out that 100 days is the 15th July! Something to out in my diary and celebrate. 

I have two gorgeous cats so we are going to have some “cat time” and they will help when I clear up my paperwork I’m sure! 

3 thoughts on “9AM : Friday – Day 57

  1. I am on a horrid sugar-junk food craze which MUST STOP tomorrow. But I don’t beat myself up — it’s not a drink, and therefore, it’s not really a problem. I will never get in trouble for snacking while driving. Beautiful cats! ❤️


      1. No sugar today. I look forward to dragging around in sugar withdrawal for a day or two. It’s pouring outside, so it kind of fits the mood. I have to think of it as a healthy detox to stay motivated. And then watch an anti-sugar documentary.

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