AM : Tuesday – Day 61

Not exactly rushing to jump out of bed today as it’s blowing a hoolie and pouring with rain. Being tucked up under the duvet listening to the wind and watching the rain make its way down the window pane always reminds me of being a little girl…. sitting on the floor by our old record player my nose almost touching the glass looking out at the rain while eating cherry medeira cake with a warm cup of tea feeling all cosy –  I was inside looking outside. 

Just lately I’ve been thinking more about things I liked as a child (can’t think of that many but this was definitely one of them) I’m going to take this as a sign to buy cherry cake and not chocolate tonight and sit in the conservatory listening to the wind and rain! (I’ll have to wear a thicknjumper and some socks as it’s blooming cold in there though lol) 

I also Googled sober songs and it came up with Sober Saturday Night by Chris Young. I had forgotten how much I liked country music so have downloaded this to have a listen to. 

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