PM : Saturday – Day 65

Day 65 – the year I was born!! so… what’s been happening in my life these last few days . Not a lot to be honest.

Still off the booze and still stuffing my face with sweets!! seriously this is ridiculous behaviour but I can’t seem to stop myself and have replaced feeling guilty for drinking to feeling guilty for eating sweets.

On Monday I am going to read through the course notes of The Sober School again as I have heard that a few students who were on the course either in April with me or January have been caught out by the “wine witch” and are back at Day 1 or 2. I find this a really scary thought as I know how awful I felt when I was drinking.

On a positive note I maintained at Slimming-World.  Bought a 12 week count-down on the hope that this is the last payment I make to Slimming-World (or fat fighters as I like to call it) which is silly as half of the members are not fat but continue to turn up as, like me, have a problem regulating how much we eat. Its true I eat far too much and for why – next project really is to sort this out.

Voted at the General Election – not a very interesting bit of information.

Olli and Luci – my Birman kittens are still as gorgeous as ever and every now and then do something completely silly that makes me laugh.

Off out for a meal tonight to celebrate being with my OH for 20 years!!


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