AM: Saturday – Day 107

This morning I woke up feeling three things. 1 – annoyed..  that I’m still eating sweets, 2 – chuffed..  no hangover and hot sweats  and 3 – blessed.. I haven’t got to look in the mirror and say “please God let it be today that I stop drinking” 

On reflection it was the morning guilt and daily battles with brain and beating myself up about drinking or more like trying not to drink that were the worst. The first say of not drinking was awful, mentally but the next day.. Well wow I felt fantastic for just achieving one day. You would think then that on day 107 I would be feeling “fan blooming tastic” but I’m not as I’m now beating myself up for eating sweets! Well one particular type ( Moam joystix) kids sweets.. Honestly at my age too! 

When I was a child I had to have all my teeth out at 4 years old and they never grew back properly until I was 9! You would think with that experience alone I would stop! So if anyone has any great ideas on how to cut back (excluding the sewing of Jaws)  I’d love to know 😃

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