AM: Monday – Day 109 

I have woken up this morning feeling like I have a hangover (is it the sweets?) (I am tired though) I think it’s the feelings I had over the weekend. 

I had really strong cravings on Saturday and Sunday. 

Saturday – went to the pub for a few beers and takeaway (same thing in would have done 110 days ago but thus time with alcohol free beer) as soon as I stated to get ready I was thinking “prosecco” then in the pub, other half drinking beer, the smell of it and sound of the corks popping I felt a massive craving. I got a bag of dry roasted peanuts which helped  it I felt a bit cheated. Other half looked aghast and suggested we went home but I was like don’t be silly this is how it’s going to be now. Anyway a few hours of non drinking I seriously couldn’t drink anymore (never had that trouble with wine!) so we had our takeaway which was delicious and I stated to feel better also pleased I was able to enjoy the food and knew I’d remember what I had ordered in the morning. The other great thing was getting home. Jumped in my car and off we sped (no taxi or bus to wait for). In the morning no hangover, other half felt sick after all his beer lol. 

Sunday – felt tired all day and cooked a roast in the evening. Might sound simple to most people but roast preparations always included a bottle of wine and for the first time in ages I felt like I wanted the wine! Another craving! Well the craving went but I got myself all in a dither and missed timed the cooking of the beef. The label said 101 minutes which in my confused dithering craving state took this as 1 hour and 1 minute!! So as you can imagine very rare beef! All in all glad the weekend is over! 

 This morning feeling fuzzy headed us probably tiredness. Still on the positive I am still alcohol free and long may that continue!

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