AM : Monday – Day 116

Woken up this morning feeling as if I won’t be tempted by sweets today. I’ve been so tired just lately and I’m sure eaten sweets aren’t helping. No hangover to have to worry about and no “chats in the mirror” where I look sadly back at myself feeling disappointed. Obviously I can’t do much about my eye bags which look like they are fully packed and ready for boarding! 

Joined a new slimming world class last week so that has given me some oooomph (don’t want to let everyone down by posting syn free recipes and then rock up with a 2lb weight gain!)  

So today I am going to try keeping it real and remind myself how blooming fab I am. I have got 116 days alcohol free under my belt and am 2 stone lighter since I joined Slimming-World (OK so I joined ages and ages and ages ago but as a drinker just getting half a pound off is a miracle. It is still 2 stone off and now I am less than a stone away from target!) 

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