PM : Wednesday – Day 118 

Phew! 2nd day been out for a walk. 3rd day no sweets! Feel a bit lost without my moaom joystixx for company but just about to have a bath and then a hot chocolate and bed! 

I’m enjoying the walking, I’m noticing things (plants, flowers, views, smells, sounds etc) that I never would have because my usual evening would consist of rushing home, open the wine, eat crisps, more wine, crap dinner, and bed! That doesn’t seem like fun when I think about it now! 

5 thoughts on “PM : Wednesday – Day 118 

  1. I had to force myself to go away for a couple of days (seriously) to tackle my lust for sugar. A 12 cookie binge sent me on a mission to finally quit. And it’s been almost three weeks sugar free! Congrats for hanging in there! 💕

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