AM: Tuesday – Day 124

Thank goodness yesterday is over and tomorrow has begun! I felt like a flat pancake with depression added in for good measure! Couldn’t snap out it. Could so easily have stayed in bed and put the duvet over my head and thought “sod it I’m not going anywhere” but I had work and I know that laying in bed won’t help. Anyway I ploughed on with the day which didn’t get better. Ate some chocolate which helped.. Then made me feel guilty! Bought some more stationary and have no idea why. I have mountains of books, pens, stickers etc!! What’s that all about! 

I felt and still feel today like something is missing, not the alcohol, something more purposeful. 

I did go for a walk though and saw some acorns! Haven’t seen those in years (coz I never bothered going out choosing to rather stay in and drink) I saw swans too! It was lovely. 

Here’s to a better day today! 

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