am : saturday – Day 135 

It’s been ages since I last posted! What’s been happening? Loads really. 

Feelings – This early sobriety is definitely a journey of mixed emotions that’s for sure. I truly never thought I would ever be sober. It’s early days I know and read lots of posts where after 200 or 300 or a year some people have a drink and that scares me. I definitely hope to be sober forever. 

Drinking – only alcohol free. New drinks – tried cobra zero last night as we went out “for a few beers” meaning zero beer for me! The cobra zero was really nice, unfortunately I don’t think many people order this when they go out as it was the last one off the shelf and the expiry was next month lol. 

I bought some ginger herbal teabags a while ago and have been using them up by putting one tea bag into a bottle of diet ginger beer. Which infuses into the ginger beer, also tried it with apple flavour tea bags. 

The other mocktais using ginger beer have been mango juice 50ml mango to 300ml ginger beer. And also San Pellegrino blood orange mixed with ginger beer. 

Walking – still at it! From August, 1st 2 miles every day (which I log with map my walk) literally I have gone from zero walking except sofa to kitchen to making the effort to walk 2 miles every day. Obviously 2 miles is not a long way but it’s a lot further than my kitchen! I’ve really noticed the difference in my speed of walking, especially length of walking without looking like I am in need of medical attention all the time. And how lovely that I have found places I never knew existed! Just good old British countryside at its best. 

Sweets – well never thought I’d actually be saying this but for 7 days not had any! I was eating bagfuls (went from craving wine to craving moaom joystixx) to be honest I was worried that I would never stop. The sober Facebook community I belong to all reassured me the sweet phase would pass but I didn’t believe them and it has. Ok so I did make a conscious effort to stop but as I had tried many times in the past I was amazed that this week I just haven’t had any. So looks like I’m beginning to feel better. Although all those sweets were making me tired, they also kept me sober. 

And finally slimming world. Going great guns now. Lost 3 weeks in a row. Not masses each week but had such a stagnant phase these last few weeks losses have been amazing and given me the boost to get on with getting on with it. I’ve changed my target an now have exactly 12lbs to lose. Total weight lost since I joined is 2stone 4lbs. Best dish this week has been a delicious bacon, jalapeño and tinned potato crustless quiche. A lovely ice cream made with blended banana and toffee yogurt. And porridge with courgette and apricots! 

Birman cats – as naughty as ever! 

Odd things – last night I truly thought someone was trying to break in. I could hear the most awful racket coming from round the side if our house. Loads of banging and the bins being moved and banged. I got my torch I  was petrified! It was a badger! Massive it was! Size if a dog!  As I shone my torch I could see he had his teeth round the bottom of my wooden gate and then he ripped a chunk clean off so he could get into the garden! Great! Lol 

5 thoughts on “am : saturday – Day 135 

  1. I’m so glad things are going well for you, 135 days is great! Badgers are surprisingly big and solid. One ran out in front of my friend when he was cycling home in the dark and it sent him over the handlebars while the badger just walked away. He had to have reconstructive surgery on his shoulder. Your mocktails sound like some nice combinations. I’ve been experimenting with chilled herbal tea mixed with nice cordials or as the added liquid for smoothies. Best wishes 🙂 x


      1. Oh that’s wonderful to hear! I respect that meditation isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But if you end up giving it a try, I’d love to hear how you get on. Happy Sunday ❤️☕️🔆

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