am : Sunday – Day 143

What a difference 100 days makes! Because I have never been alcohol free for this many days before (well…  Except for when I was pregnant in 1989)  when I look back to my post of day 43 I know that there is a massive difference to how I felt then and how I feel now. 

Day 43 – I took the fast cat to the Isle of Wight for my mums birthday lunch. I had a coffee whilst waiting for and during the crossing. All I thought was wow 43.days ago I would have had a pre departure glass of wine, whilst crossing glass wine and thank God I got there wine. Copious amounts during the lunch a few on the way back and felt like shit when I woke up in the morning. But I didn’t I had coffee and soft drinks, it was all still very new and I constantly thought about wine. Roll on 100 days… 

Day 143. The feelings/cravings have definitely eased. I can make a roast dinner now without stressing about not opening a bottle of wine. I can enjoy an afternoon on my own without opening a bottle of wine. I can go to the pub and have alcohol free beer and be pleased about it. I can go to a restaurant without having wine and not feel hard do e by. I can go out (believe me if you drunk lots of wine going out just for a walk or to the cinema is a definite no no) so I go out walking now! Amazing since I never walked anywhere. I love it too. Even though I constantly ache.   I do still eat a lot of sweets though but definitely not as many as I did in the early days of sobriety. 

I have also accepted that alcohol free living is my future. There is no benefit for me in having a drink. 

So the good news is if in just 100 days I can feel so much better what will I feel like in another 39 days which will be 26 weeks alcohol free! I will let you know. 😃

Oh and nearly forgot. The diet/slimming world plan is finally going in the right direction again. Went to Wallis and bought a size 12 dress (bit different to 3 years ago when I went in for a pair of size 18 trousers!) Became a member w/c 30.3.15 had a lot of losses and also gains and maintains even staying the same for almost a year! But down a number now and only 11½ pounds to get to target. Total lost so far 2st 4½ 

The lovely Olli and Luci (my birmans) are doing well, yesterday they had steamed basa! Lucky devils.. Spoiled rotten those two. Honestly I get up at 6am, feed and stroke them, play with them, clean up after them, go to bed late and feel Knackered because of them and when they want a cuddl and some love do they come to me… No they do not OH gets it! Great lol. 

Have a good bank holiday, stay true to yourself. If you don’t want to drink alcohol, don’t drink it!  

4 thoughts on “am : Sunday – Day 143

  1. Good for you!! I’ve been walking too, and it makes me feel so good the rest of the day. It’s so nice not to be hungover all the time. Congratulations on the weight loss — I had to google how much a stone was. And what a birman is. An educational blog!

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