AM : Sunday – Day 150

It feels like a lot has happened over the last few weeks. Nothing that the seeing eye can see because it all from within me. Feelings! Something is different. In a good/positive way. I decided yesterday to go to Bournemouth Airshow. As I left my house, on foot, (this still amazes me that I go anywhere on foot but at the moment I do! That’s another story) so as I walk to the bus stop I notice plants, flowers, blue sky, the slightly cool but warm breeze on my cheeks and legs almost for a split second I nearly cried with joy! This has to be what 150 days alcohol free does to you.

I stood at the bus stop and could smell aftershave, freshly washed babies, cigarette smoke, car fumes, heady perfumes and soft musky smell of flowers! It was amazing.

Sweet consumption is definitely better. Well.. I think so. 2 bars of choc last night and a couple of crunchies in the week is a massive improvement compared to sweets and chocolate I was eating in what I call “the early days” but I’m not taking anything for granted I think it will always be early days. I read so many stories of woman being alcohol free for years and then go back! I hope that’s not me and I’m sure they felt the same too.

Slimming-World is going well too.

Walking – still almost everyday

Birman cats – absolutely must be the silliest pair of cats ever known to man! But they make me laugh..

Talking of laughing, last week I was sat in my car at lunchtime when I read something which was quite rude.  Now bearing in mind I was sitting all on my own other people were parking and re_parking next to me so all could see me. What I read made me laugh (schoolboy toilet humour I’m sad to say) well I kept on busting out laughing then I was in to full blown hysterics with tears running down my cheeks, mascara all over the place and I couldn’t stop for ages! How silly is that. Feelings I think. Lol 

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