PM : Thursday Day 161 (Week 23)

Whoa! where are the days going . My last blog was 11 days ago. A quick recap at 23 weeks sober.

Alcohol – Zero/None absolutely not a drop. Not craving it at the moment either.

Sweets – marginally less than a week ago lol – Maoam Strips are my downfall – teeth still in so all is good

Weight – 161 days in of no alcohol but 161 days of massive sweet consumption – weight loss 8lb!! amazing – well done Slimming World

Sleep – after years of nodding off in a drunken stupor then not sleeping at all I can honestly say that my sleeping pattern is improving greatly

Cats – Blooming terrors – not helping with the sleep pattern when they want a cuddle of food or someone to play with they let you know!!

Walking – yep still going out for a “almost” daily walk for 2 miles

Mood/Mental Health – all seems to  be chipper at the moment


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