AM: Monday – Day 193 (6 months 1 week 3 days)

Hi. A week ago I got a cold and felt really unwell. Being a bit low and generally unwell made me doubt why I had decided to give up alcohol as I had some of the worst cravings. All this came as a bit of shock to be honest as I’d been feeling great. But looking at “why” thus may have happened could be a number of things. Before my cold I had been eating healthily and walking for 2 miles/half hour every day. Then when I got the cold I couldn’t taste anything, felt drained and tired and started to remember what I used to do in these situations! Drink wine!

On top of this we are off on holiday at Xmas to a place which has always involved drinks in the evening and while I was feeling low I was thinking that I would be missing out. And then being alcohol free sounded like a prison sentence.

Anyway I’m OK. I’m. Not going to drink. I’m going to be Alcohol Free for the rest of my life because (and this is where having written down in my lowest point why I wanted to give up really helped) I read all those reasons and the reasons why I wanted to be alcohol free and I never want to go back to that dark place again.

I sat down and imagined the whole scenario. Being offered the drink, drinking it, how it made me feel, then all the follow up drinks which would make feel like crap, then the feelings in the morning. And then the worst bit, wanting to keep drinking! To go through all that for a night of drinking is not worth it.

So I feel better now and on a happier note my Slimming world efforts have meant I got my 3stone award last week. (Dec 14 to Oct 17) tad long lol but there were a lot of syns in wine which I never counted!

2 thoughts on “AM: Monday – Day 193 (6 months 1 week 3 days)

  1. I always think all the way through the end of the drink..that ends up being a bottle, a fight, hungover, etc. It really helps me.
    Also, wherever I am sick, I know I have to watch out for those low feelings!
    Losing weight is great!

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