PM : Monday evening – DAY 200

Today is Day 200 – I never thought I’d ever be saying that!! It has been a really tough two weeks to be honest. I haven’t felt great (had a bit of a cold which won’t shift and that always brings a few waves of depression) generally felt a bit “stressed” not relaxed at all!! – I have tried to analyse this and my only answer is that my routine has gone out of the window since the dark nights have drawn in.

I realise that my “toolbox” lots of ideas/things to keep me on the right path was designed for Spring/Summer and now I need an Autumn/Winter one. I had got used to coming home from work, having a sit down with a cup of coffee and then a lovely walk and back home to make some tea. Well it’s dark now and don’t want to go off in the dark. So I need to address my Toolbox.

I like my coffee and to make it more comforting I have added a tablespoon of hot chocolate powder to it! it’s great – having it now! lol… in a big mug!!

I’m also going to surf the slimming world website on a Monday as this is when all the new features come out and I never ever read them. I will try and create a routine for the other days – just half hour – I really enjoyed that. Tue/Wed will be kindle half hours. Thursday is group and Friday will be make something tasty for tea night!!

Hot Chocolate is nearly all consumed now so off now to surf the net for a bit. OOO yes I forgot lunchtime I bought some badedas bath gelee and shower gel – I have a face mask too, other half is working and I have Landscape Artist of the Year on Catchup!!

Cats are asleep – ha ha .. I make them a duvet tent everyday now which they love.

happy days xxx



2 thoughts on “PM : Monday evening – DAY 200

  1. It is different in winter, thats for sure. It’s getting dark and cloudy here, too.
    I am glad you are looking for more ideas. Do you like yoga? There are some really good free yoga programs on utube, or you can buy them for not much money.
    Happy day 200!

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