PM : Wednesday Evening – Day 202

21.51pm to be precise! evenings just aren’t the same now. Instead of BC and AD (you know Before Christ and After..wards) I have (Before I was Sober shortened to BS) and Now I Am Sober shortened to NS) – BS rush home stop off and get wine and crisps and if a weekend 2 times wine and crisps and revels and consume the lot by 10.30 – bed, snore, 4am wake up heart pounding, check phone for crap messages and last time I phoned someone!! who was it?? back to bed, 2 hours till I have to get up for work, headache. Get up at 7am, lots of coffee, guilty chat to self in the mirror promising to do better tonight. Proplus and a bath. Lots of mints and off we go to work. 6pm repeat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now NS – rush home, totally bypass the shop, indoors make a coffee and sort out the tea. check cupboards for nightly ritual of chocolate. have a bath. read a book. eat chocolate. check teeth are still holding up given the amount of chocolate that  I am eating. bed and sleep. bypass 4am, wake up 7am, no guilt….smile to myself how lovely it is to not have a hangover and not that desperate guilty disappointed in myself feeling. enjoy breakfast, feel great. off to work noticing all the lovely things in this world that are free to see. love nature these days. 6pm repeat!!!!

It’s not easy but it gets easier.

22.04pm – off to bask in my badedas bath gelee

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