PM : Monday – Day 221 (really late nearly Day 222)

I am feeling good. I feel calmer, I definitely do not shout as much as I used to and definitely don’t get so stressed and agitated. I feel so grateful that I can go out and feel free from the shackles that had chained me to a daily cycle of drinking wine, feeling crap, the nighttime terrors and the morning guilt, repeat! Oh the dreaded repeat. I went for a walk today (there is so much to appreciate these days) and saw a lovely teasel standing strong, like a school matron Sturdy and prickly! the greenery framing and softening it’s look. Lucky me I thought to be able to get up and go out. After spending years stuck to my sofa! Drinking is a bit like the film She. You think it’s going to give you eternal happiness but in reality it withers your soul!

Not long till 8 months sober!

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