AM : Wednesday – day 244 (8 months) ❤️

Eight months alcohol free. Eight months! OMG! I never thought I’d manage 8 days let alone 8 months. I feel so much calmer. In a lot if family orientated or stressful situations I used to feel like a tight spring getting pulled tighter and tighter until it was about to burst into the air! but now I’m less springy and more like a rolled up piece of carpet that can’t be arsed to unravel! Sloth like at times. Lol. This weather hasn’t helped as walking has become non existent! Off to Thailand soon, that will test me! But I have my “toolbox” at the ready! Brene brown book.. check! Kindle… Check! Molton brown… Check! Sweets…. Check! Etc. There has been lots of fast forward.. Playing the movie forward.. Imagining what it will be like to have my first sober holiday! Watch this space!

4 thoughts on “AM : Wednesday – day 244 (8 months) ❤️

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