AM: Monday – Day 249

I am off on holiday this week and suddenly the week I’ve been dreading isn’t so bad after all. In my previous life of hard-core drinking I would be thinking if nothing but the free booze in the airport lounge, numerous drinks on the flight and drinking the club room in the hotel dry! So this year is going to be really really different and for the first time in 2 months I can honestly say I’m looking forward to it. A clear head and remembering what I’ve eaten the night before will be a real bonus. 😀😀 to get to feeling like this has been quite a lot of planning in my head. I even wrote out the whole scenario of being at the airport and the hotel to cement it in my head! It’s tiring stuff being alcohol free but every morning I wake up feeling great and no hangover I know it’s worth it. 💛👍💛

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