PM : Sunday – Day 254

I am currently in Pattaya staying in a club room (free alcoholic drinks between 5.30 and 7.30) then out in the evening people watching in bars. Doing all of this alcohol free!! Felt a bit cheated the first couple nights but getting used to it now and feeling a lot better in the mornings. Club room drinks for me have been guava juice and tonic water. Ginger Ale. Or ginger ale and apple juice. “loaded with ice and fruit” sounds a lot better! Then out in the evening its either water or sprite or iced coffee from Starbucks. I have a small Robinson squash squirt thing for the water which raised a few eyes when I squeezed it into the water bottle lol! It’s definitely possible to be here alcohol free but you have to be fairly committed to being sober otherwise it’s easy to slip as there is lots of temptation.

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