PM : Wednesday – Day 279

Sometimes,. Like tonight I’m reading my kindle, the unexpected joy of being sober by Catherine Grey. And I reflect on my past drinking self and wonder how on earth did I actually stop drinking. Then an icy fear grips me because I never ever ever want to be that person or live that life ever again. Reading tonight quietly feels like a luxury, my heartbeat is calm, I won’t be waking up at 4am feeling guilty or trying to get ready for work hungover.. The only disturbance or annoyance is a) my OH is watching football, talking aimlessly in the background about penalties or the lack of them and b) my tinnitus is raging but that’s just general life not my new found sober life! So many times up to this point I could have given in but I didn’t and tonight I’m glad because now I feel like I’m turning a corner. Instead of thinking about not drinking all the time I am thinking about what next! What’s new on the horizon for me and my new life.!

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