AM: Thursday – Day 294 – 42 weeks

Woken early by my lovely birman wanting his breakfast to be served to him asap. His sister is happy to wait (not really she’s happy for him to take the blame and look sweet in the process). Now in bed thinking about this milestone of 42 weeks.

Sounds awesome / and a little strange. Sometimes I feel a wave of emotion that I can’t describe. I get a funny feeling in my stomach when I think how long it is since I had a drink. And that I have chosen to give up for good! This is is the bit that sometimes scares me. When I first gave up drinking (my nightly bottle plus of wine) it was like heading into the unknown with a horrendous craving to boot!

I would never have done this without Kate Bee the founder of the sober school. This course was set out so well and resonated with me on so many levels that I was able to believe in myself and life my life sober. this online course and later the safe haven of the Facebook page for all past students has undoubtedly been the best decision of my life.

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