AM : Friday – Day 302

Just realised in the last 2 days I have definitely felt calmer, I’ve noticed this in situations that before being sober I would have definitely glugged a bottle of wine.

For instance – January, busiest and most stressful month of the year for me workwise. I would get home and think “I need a drink” and have a bottle.

Just had the kitchen upside down moving appliances around and this would normally trigger “I’m really tired, this is so stressful, the kitchen is in a right old jumble, I need a drink” and have a bottle.

The 1st Feb always feels like the start of a new year and I feel excited at the possibilities ahead the excitement makes me feel “I need a drink” and have a bottle.

Do you know in all those situations in the last few days I have just sat calmly in my chair with a cup of coffee and it once did I think “I need a drink”

I’m actually over the moon about this. For me this is massive set forward. 10 months sober next week… 🎂🎂

5 thoughts on “AM : Friday – Day 302

  1. Ten months sober is a lifetime, isn’t it? I was just commenting on another blog that it was not until I quit drinking for several months that I realized I’m not a hyped-up crazy stressed person. The alcohol made me that way. You’ve given me a great idea for a blog post … thanks!

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