PM : Sunday – late afternoon – Day 318

Day 318 ….. It’s a Sunday and I am just about to make some dinner for the 45th week without consuming a bottle of wine pre cooking and then another post cooking!!

Truly amazing and would never have thought that this was possible. It definitely has been one of the hardest things to get my head round – that very first Sunday cooking without wine I nearly overdosed on diet Ginger beer, grapefruit juice and tonic and coffee!!!

But now – I obviously still think about that time as I am writing about it – but my goodness that feeling of chewing my hand off rather than have a drink has well and truly gone.

And thank god for that because it was jolly unpleasant that’s for sure. As I always say its not easy but it gets easier.

Still sticking to my Slimming World vows this week and having fry light roast potatoes and a sugar-free jelly for after.

No sweets for 3 days – dear me!! but rather than think I can’t have any at all I am just having a weeks break to see if I can shift a few more pounds towards becoming a target member. Not easy as I love love love Chocolate – never touched the stuff when I was drinking but now I’m like gimmee gimmee gimmee.

The cats are being as loving as ever – bought them a new toy a bee!! very poignant the Bee – reminds me of my Journey as the on-line course I joined so that I could give up alcohol was run by Kate Bee.

So the bee I bought the cats which makes a very unrealistic bee noise – more like a creaking door from a horror movie – has scarred the daylights our of poor Olli. Luci on the otherhand hears it and is straight away into attack mode.

Well off to make the Roast and will post soon.






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