AM : Sunday – Day 332

Herbal tea with lemon, delicious! So here I am at day 332. Snow has thawed after causing havoc! cats have woken me up early for their breakfast, eaten it and gone back to sleep! And I am reflecting on how long 332 days alcohol free really is – well its 7,968 hours! That’s insane! I could never go a day without wine not nearly 8,000 hours!

I feel a whole lot better being alcohol free, but I have also spent 7,968 hours thinking about not drinking. I need to focus my mind on other projects but have this awful restless feeling in my head.

For example, and this has been me for over 20 years. I wake up and “pace” I can’t settle down to a good book. I can on holiday. I can’t just lay down on the sofa and watch a film. I feel like I’m always pacing around looking for something to do but don’t actually do anything! I feel guilty if I haven’t sorted the washing. I do a bit then sit. I tidy up a bit then sit. It’s like I want to sit and do nothing but feel I should be doing things. When I drank I was able to sit or slump for ages, moving only to top up my glass!

I need to get out for a good walk!

4 thoughts on “AM : Sunday – Day 332

  1. I know that restlessness well. I can’t even watch TV without doing something else at the same time. I’m much calmer these days, however, but I noticed last night how I sit ready to take action at any minute. We were at dinner out with another couple, and I wasn’t at all relaxed. I then tried to mentally relax all of my muscles and slow down by thoughts for a second. I think meditation helps quite a bit.

    I need to get out for a walk myself. I tend to use the weather as an excuse this time of year. Congrats on 8000 hours!

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