PM : Sunday – Day 346

So I am just over 49 weeks AF. Just celebrated my birthday (first one AF) – not sure how I feel today.

Tired, a bit nervy (those pesky I haven’t done very much so I am going to feel guilty and nervy type of nerves) used to have them everyday but since being AF not so much. Was meant to be out today with my family but due to snow couldn’t go. Maybe a change of plan threw me off a bit.

Good news is that 8 haven’t had any booze cravings. Which in itself is a miracle!

Someone today described life being AF as “uncomplicated” and I totally agree.

The pressure of planning my drinking is gone. And it was a pressure. How much should I buy, will I run out, what excuse can I use to get some more (don’t need my special massive handbag now which conveniently held 2 bottles of wine) where can I hide it. How can I consume it without anyone knowing how much I’ve had. And this was just one day. I had to do this 365 days a year!

Life now is uncomplicated.

My sugary tooth hasn’t gone. Bought myself a fresh cream donut as a treat lol.

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