AM: Monday – Day 389 (55 weeks & 4 days)

I haven’t posted in ages. Kept wanting to but sat here looking and not doing. Reminds me of when I suffered with depression. I would look at the front door willing myself to go out but never going. Sat in drinking instead.

Well I’m not drinking but I do feel a bit run down. It’s not depression but I get mild forms of nerves and bleak looking thoughts. My tinnitus is raging and I am really stressed. The reason…. Well this is silly but I am off to Bali very soon and have a lot to do at work, will miss the cats, always miss my daughter (even though she’s 28) and my mum as its her birthday while I am away. Good news is that daughter and mum are going on a cruise for her birthday which makes me feel better.

Anyway enough of the “meh/bleuh” from me. I am soon off to Bali and this will be my second time there (got bali belly last time) but won’t be drinking this time.

This will be my second AF holiday (never thought I’d make it through the first one but I did and was really grateful in the end that I had ) so this time I’m looking forward to being AF.

Doesn’t mean the wine witch has left the building Oh no she’s still waiting in the wings but it’s been long enough now not to feel totally overcome by her, shes just an annoying itch that doesn’t seem to go completely. But I am sure she will.

So I am going to blog more now about my Bali Adventure where this time there won’t be any Bintang more like… BINNEDTANG

sorry felt a bit more chipper after that ridiculous pun! 👍

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