AM : Monday – Day 402 – Ubud

Lovely breakfast this morning in Ubud.

Last night went out on a pub/bar crawl which involved numerous fresh fruit juices and body cleansers, and it was fun and exciting.

If I had been drinking I would have felt tired and my eyes would have been rolling, my appetite would have been lost to only fancying chips and this morning I would have felt rough. So it was lovely waking up feeling so good.

Ubud is a lovely place and the people and way of life here has a lovely calming effect on me.

When I was younger I wanted to “be a hippy” and what I mean by this is I wanted to feel “free”. My parents wouldn’t allow me to wear flowery long skirts or burn josticks or be “laid back” everything was stressful. Getting up early so that my mum could run the vacuum cleaner around the house. Walking “over” the lounge rug was a crime as she had previously just floofed it up.

I suppose her stresses were due to her drinking problems which I understand now but wasn’t much fun as a child.

Bali has a lovely “hippy” feel to it.. Probably why I like it so much.

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