PM : Tuesday Day 403 – Ubud

I’m really enjoying Bali. Relaxing into the holiday was a lot quicker than expected. I feel a lot more energised in the mornings, its nice not having a bintang headache! Or “nerves” well I still get the odd nerves like today.

I took part in the hotels guided morning walk. Made the usual chit chat with people I didn’t know. Never know what to say (always think I am boringto others) there’s problem number 1… Don’t be down on yourself. Then when they walked us back to reception we went past my room so I just said oh here’s my room bye then and shot off.. Why didn’t I look at anyone and say goodbye properly. Probably think I’m a stuck up wot sit! Worst thing was in my rush I skipped up the steps and banged on the door and yes you’ve guessed it.. Wrong door! So for about two hours I had “nerves” A for the poor bloke I had just woken up and B for rushing off and ignoring everyone.

I felt like I needed to work on my social skills afterwards!

Anyway.. Back to relaxing now.

The happy lady in the picture was just about to do her washing. How simple for them just to get up and get on with it rather than worry about this and that.

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