AM : Wednesday – Day 411

Jut wanted to share how I felt yesterday evening. I’m currently on holiday in Seminyak Bali. Oh still drinks but that doesn’t matter, its no big deal. I can still laugh and be silly without alcohol. When he says he fancies a cold beer I can say.. Oh yes sounds good. I know exactly how he feels but I’m having a juice or mocktail and very happy about that too. My daughter is currently on holiday having holiday hangovers everyday. Looking forward to her nightly prosecco and I say to her sounds great lovely. But I don’t want one. I feel great with my own choices. I not going to start preaching my choices to them, if they want to drink or not drink its their choice not mine.. just like me not drinking its my choice not theirs.

I sat last night and said to my OH that I was so glad to be AF. Free I definitely felt free. I have enjoyed my food, no feeling bloated or full before Dinner. Watching other people lol that’s funny, oh my! My eyes don’t roll now and I’m or ready for bed at 8pm.. I can stay up till at least 9pm lol knowing I’m going have a good sleep too.

Yep.. AF living is the best.

I still thank my lucky stars that I was able to do this.

I would never want to drink again.

I will always be thinking about not drinking but not in an all consuming way, just because this is my life and its very different to the last 40 years (13 to 53) 😊

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