PM: Sunday – Day 458

I haven’t posted for ages! Still alcohol free and still loving it, although getting to this point is a bit like being on a roller coaster. Ups, downs, twists and turns. Not knowing, exhilaration! It’s all part and parcel of being AF!

I have had 2 AF holidays. The first was a learning curve! Hated it! Loved it! Accepted it! But the second one I felt like not drinking was “the norm”!

Birthdays, going out and special occasions are all just taken in my stride now. No more stressing about how will I feel watching others drinking. Life us a lot calmer.

I can go to a bar and order soft drinks like I’ve never ordered anything else!

Yep. I chose a great path. I thought I would never do it. Me… A hardcore drinker.. Surely I couldn’t give up drinking! I had done it all my life! But I did. I had help from a 6 week online course that I joined. Kate Bee and her amazing Soberschool. All Online/daily emails/writing tasks etc.. No drugs. It felt personal. I felt like someone had my back. And here I am.

ALIVE! FREE! and in the land of the living.

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