AM : Wed – Day 524 (exiting news)

Today I am on day 524 (just over 17 months AF). I will never get used to saying or writing this. Its like having an out of body experience. I used to read about people who had given up for a year and thought “wow! Wish I could do that. It will never happen to me” but it has and that means it can for anyone.

Anyway the exciting news is that my daughter is having a baby! 😍(my mum is an only child, I’m an only child, my daughter is an only child)

How exciting is that! And to think I won’t have to worry about visiting during “drinking time” or missing out on drinking or any other prison like hold drinking has on me.

I will be an Alcohol Free Nannee

Or granny or nan or mad nan! Could be anything. I wasn’t a conventional mum, I liked to do things that were honest and fun. Tell it how it is.

My daughter keeps me informed about the size of the baby, we’ve gone from orange seed, olive, walnut, apricot and currently we’re on fig!

Loving being alcohol free. Best thing I ever did. And I did it for me! And we don’t do a lot of that in our lives!

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