Day 603 – relaxing in Penang

603 days alcohol free and I am currently relaxing in penang. The weather forecast says cloudy but cloudy it definately isn’t! Alcohol free holidays are so much easier now. I don’t seem to associate every exciting moment with alcohol anymore (it was all I knew before I gave up) I don’t hang around the club lounge offering free alcoholic beverages quite as long as I used too. I still go (it’s nice to unwind with a freshly made mocktail and a few nibbles) I don’t miss the stress of making sure I can neck as many wines as possible in the alloted 90 minutes! I don’t miss the hangover from hell which always ruined breakfast. Today I loved having peanut butter and jam and jelly it was delish. I don’t feel the panic of wondering what I waffled on about to random holiday makers, who thankfully were probably as pissed as I was and never noticed. I can sit in the afternoon shade without the nerves that used to grip me.

I love hearing the whoosh of the ocean the tweets if the birds, the hum of the lawn mower even and the laughter of children enjoying themselves in the pool. I can pop out of the club lounge and watch the sunset in peace.

Life is sweet without the clutches and chains of alcohol.

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