AM: Sunday – Day 640. Sober and free from the beast.

Do you know I wake up every single day feeling jolly chuffed with myself for continuing to be sober.
Removing alcohol from my life hasnt made the wheels and cogs of life go round any differently.. oh no its still a case of “same old stuff different day”. I still get up and go to work, I still have tinnitus and a bad back, still clean the house even though two of us live in it.. my other half still loves to have man flu like no other man on the planet, ha ha.. oh no nothing changes like that. But how I feel inside is like sunshine bursting out from nowhere. Exactly like this fence I saw on my chilly walk yesterday. It was cold and gloomy and then a big patch of sun filled the middle of this fence and I thought wow that’s like me even though the edges may be dark I have a warm glow right in the middle.

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