Day 678

Yesterday I made an effort to address my chocolate and sweets consumption which seems to have spiralled rapidly out of control. The side effect of giving up alcohol (I told myself) was OK but actually it’s not! Some mornings I feel just as bad as I did when I was drinking! Reading the SW app! Yep actually reading it.

Therefore I am taking action! I have binned my creme egg and crunchie bar that sit looking at me (I swear they have special powers to lure you in) no this time they have gone into the outside bin as I don’t want them playing on my mind sitting in the indoors bin and then me rummaging about trying to find them later rinsing them off in the sink and all that!)

I have started walking again which I find helps my mood and motivation. I hardly walked anywhere last year but the year before walked everyday, rain, snow, sun whatever I was out there so I don’t know why I stopped.. Laziness? Just didn’t feel like going out.

So here goes then another attempt at being chocolate and bags of sweets free. 😬

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