Two years alcohol free

Two years ago today I was sitting at home thinking “why can’t I stop drinking” my reasons at the time were.

I’ve been drinking for too long I can’t change.

I am addicted to alcohol, I’ve tried pills, hypnotherapy, councillors nothing has worked and nothing will ever work.

I am too sneaky, I hide my drinking and lie to everyone about it. I’ve lied to doctors, the councellors, my partner, my family and myself! How do I get over that then!

I joined an online course and on day 3 was still drinking… BUT I didn’t feel alone this time. I was amongst other women who also felt like I did and they were there to support me. And that day 5 April 2017 I poured my last ever alcoholic drink. On the 6 April 2017 I had my first alcohol free day in years! Decades! I’ve never touched a drop since.

The 6 week course #thesoberschool #katebee @thesoberschool @Katebee changed my life through knowledge, understanding and support.

It wasn’t easy but it got easier.

7 thoughts on “Two years alcohol free

  1. Congratulations on 2 years! Do you still involve yourself in that online community? What helps you stay sober today?


    1. Thank you. After the course I was invited to join the group Facebook page which I have found really helpful. I stay sober because the alternative scares me and also I suddenly have a much bigger world that I can explore and enjoy. The feelings of guilt and anxiety have gone.


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