Tue am : Day 991

Whilst watching another amazing sunrise on holiday I reflect on the countdown to 1000 days. How is this even possible! I’m super chuffed with myself. To be honest I never thought I’d make 10 days.

In April it will be 3 years. I have absolutely no desire to drink now.

When I gave up drinking I did actually think that never wanting to have a drink was actually a bit of a myth or a luxury only a certain few enjoy. Also I thought I would feel it sooner. Perhaps events like Xmas and New year, birthdays, Easter etc are only once a year and takes longer to get used to them. I definitely stopped feeling like a drink at home after a year, but the rest has taken a bit longer.

When I gave up I was desperate to stop thinking about not drinking and I don’t wake up now feeling like that, but I still think about not drinking, not that I would, just keeping myself on the right path, also I belong to a Facebook group for all those who joined the soberschool course and I write about not drinking there.

Looking forward to my 1000 day marker soon.

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