Mon am : Day 1110

Day 1110
The weekend seems to have flown by and annoyingly I was plagued with depression the whole weekend! Spent the weekend cleaning and wishing I had gone out for a walk but never went! What a nuisance depression is! You’d think after all these years I would have squashed it but no it rears up sometimes like a wild teenage horse! Other half says why are you depressed! Derrrr! There isn’t a why, it’s not a situation it’s a feeling that annoyingly won’t just bugger off! and now here i sit on Monday morning trying to do my usual thing.. Happy thoughts… Well no cravings anymore, I have a job, I have eyes so I can get off my ass lunchtime and go out for a walk and look at the spring. I’m taking a healthy salad for lunch, ate loads of sweets yesterday so that hasn’t helped. Anyway let’s be positive and crack on with finding healthy mentally stimulating things to do in this lockdown.

Here’s to keeping of the booze for just over 3 years.

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