Day 1156 (nearly 38 months) Fri am

Wow that was exciting, had a zoom chat with my soberschool coach yesterday. Had a good chat about my journey so far. As usual I would have liked to chat fluently and coherently but unfortunately the nerves get the better of me and my brain cell decides to fall asleep so I’m left with a forgetting what I started talking about in the first place and b can’t remeber a blooming thing. Once the zooms over Im like oh hi brain cell you’ve woken up again have you!

Oh well let’s hope the cropping tool gets a good workout. I’d love just one person to feel better about themselves as this is the key to keeping going. Belief in yourself that you can do it.

It may be uber uncomfortable and you might want to gnaw your nails off but that gets easier gnawing turns to a light trim and then suddenly your nails have been growing and you haven’t noticed.

I’m going to write down over the weekend a bit more about how things have changed for me.

Off now to start my diet…. Again…. What do they say third time lucky… Well times that by 48 and we might be on the right ditty.

To finish here is a picture of my mums white carpet rose. Beautiful it was (loads like a carpet). Social distancing meant we actually appreciated the garden.

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