Day 1237 – am

A typical morning for me.. Everyday at 5.30am My birman boy cat stands outside my bedroom door and in his most girlie meeoww whines.. A continuous whine.. Short bursts of exactly the same noise for at least 5 minutes. Then goes quiet.. Probably because I have shouted shush! But once my eyelids droop he’s off again. So I get up. And guess what he wants to play! Whipping round my legs with his bug brush tail! So I plunder downstairs (still morning disorientated) microwave his fish portion (I have a lady birman but she’s no trouble at all) the birbabies scoff the fish.. And then are sleepy. Imagine trying to do this every day with a hangover!

Thankfully I joined Kate Bee at the sober school online programme and have been supported by this wonderful group ever since.

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