Day 1262 = (3 yrs, 5½ mths)

Last week I decided to sort out my sugar addiction. I no longer have cravings for alcohol 🙌 but I do eat and crave way way too much sugar! Chocolate, crisps (kids sweets) not actually take them from kids but the kids variety (dolly mixtures, moaom etc) and the chocolate bar sizes were increasing as is my waist! Energy levels ⬇️⬇️ and mood ➖! Anyway I surfed the net and found lauren geyfer a nutionist. Felt like a stalker for five days watching all her you tube stuff and joined the shift the sugar challenge. On Saturday I received my welcome email and meal plan and have now had 7 days no sugar! No chocolate! No Kids sweets! Energy levels up. Feel a bit weird (grieving for Mr Cadbury probably.) anyway the actual challenge starts Monday. So here’s to getting on with it and making some more changes in my life.

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