Sunday am : day 1781

It’s been so long since I posted!

Sometimes life takes over, sometimes it’s scary to open up, sometimes it’s been so long I have nothing to say.

Truth is I didn’t think I had anything interesting to say, but then what is a real blog, without the normal days of well quite frankly… Simple normal days.

Thinking about it (as it’s been so long) I have been up to quite a bit really. Looking after myself by eating nourishing food. Looking after my mental wellbeing (joined an online watercolour painting class). Going out for walks enjoying nature and obviously all of this completely alcohol free

Who needs alcohol! What on earth does it bring to the table! A five minute buzz and then what….. Let’s not go there, I’ve been there and its such a shit hole I never ever want to return.

Well I will be blogging again soon but thought I’d jump in and get my fingers on the keypad and break the ice.

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