Two and a half years sober…. GO ME.. Day 913

2Β½ years sober! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Being sober has changed my life completely. If only I had done this years ago…….
1995 (I’m. 30)- I tell doctor I feel depressed (probably coz I’m about to get divorced, lose my job through a breakdown and being rehomed in a mixed sex hostel) so doctor prescribes diazapam (lots of different things ending in pam actually) in fact pam seemed to be my best friend, oh and also Chardonnay who visited every single day.
1996 – doctor realises he’s made an massive error.. I’ve been on a repeat prescription for all the pams for a year! and sends me to a councillor to help me off the pams. But no good. Chardonnay and pam are my friends. And little did I know it but I bet their best friend was moderation bloody Mary!
1997 to 2001 – doctor tells me I am clinically depressed and now I need Venlafaxine. So pam goes and takes chardonnay with her only to be replaced with Venlafaxine and pinot grigio.
2002 time to oust Venlafaxine and double the intake of pinot grigio.
2004 – doctor says I have a drink problem! Whoa.. Really! and prescribes disulfirum aka antabuse. Unfortunately I try to buck the system and have a cheeky drink which leads to a trip to the hospital! Mortified I am officially sneaky. Card is now marked in red at the doctors so he gives me acamprosite. No good. Still drinking.
2009 I move area. One to one councillinh is not an option here and my only option is drug and alcohol clinic. Well I decide I’m not going there as they are full of people who are nothing like me. Go to doctor and beg for tablets but no not getting any.. And so the cycle of work, drink, sleep repeat continues. I am Absolutely convinced I can not be helped… Period.. But I see an online course in 2016 which I keep my eye on then after a disastrous mothers day where I disappointed not only myself but my daughter too by getting completely shit faced I decide in
April 2017 – to join Kate Bees course #thesoberschool. BINGO! No drugs. Stop drinking. Gain knowledge.. Thanks Kate for putting such a wonderful course together to help women like me. 🐝

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