PM : Friday – Day 365

Well here we are. The day has finally arrived when I can say I am 1 year sober! Never have I ever been sober this long. I am truly blessed. I have posted this today on a Facebook group that I belong to which has helped me enormously. It is a group for graduates of the soberschool run by Kate Bee and without the support and help I would not be posting today.

cuttings from old diaries just shows if you keep persevering you will get there.

14.2.16 Sunday – Tomorrow will be a new day
15.2.16 Monday – Day 1
16.2.16 Tuesday – Day 1
1.4.16 Friday – Going to give up Wine O Clock
20.5.16 Friday – Got to give up this drinking, sick as a dog last night
12.6.16 Sunday – Still waiting for my new start
4.8.16 Thursday – Be happy about me
1.1.17 Sunday – The first of Jan was going to be my new start but as usual I ruined it drinking shedloads of wine and eating peanuts
12.2.17 Sunday – Still thinking of the negatives rather than the positives
14.2.17 Tuesday РA year later still saying the same old Sӣt #recovery Day 1
16.2.17 Thursday – A day off the booze !! halleelouyar
22.2.17 Wednesday – Day 1
27.2.17 Monday – Day 1
29.3.17 Wednesday – Enrolled on the Sober School programme
3.4.17 Monday – Day 1 of the Sober School – me Day 1
4.4.17 Tuesday – Day 2 of the Sober School – me Day 1
5.4.17 Wednesday – Day 3 of the Sober School – me Day 1 – emailed Kate to say I am struggling. Kates suggestion is to share my feelings with the group – that definitely has helped a lot, feel more committed.
6.4.17 Thursday– Day 1 – I am going to drive past the Wine O Clock Shop and shout out Fu** you .. Fu** you and drive home.
7.4.17 Friday – OMG it’s the end of day and I have done 2 days AF – Oh gawd it’s the weekend
8.4.17 Saturday – Day 3
9.4.17 Sunday – Day 4 – Jesus H Christ this is flipping hard – cooking a roast without 2 bottles of wine is flipping torture
11.5.17 Wednesday– Day 34 – I have set myself a mini target of 100 days – I realise I will face many challenges but being AF for ever is probably how I should live.
12.5.17 Friday – Day 36 – Waking up without hangovers is amazing,. I am actually looking forward to an Alcohol Free Weekend. Wow – birds are singing and I feel happy.
23.6.17 Friday – Day 78 – Positive pants are pulled up high and tight.
15.7.17 – Day 100 – Never thought this would be possible
16.10.17 – Monday – Day 193 – 6 months and 1 week – I have a cold and feel unwell which has made me feel rundown and I am questioning why I gave up alcohol as I have had the worst cravings ever. Not sure what to do s have always been under the spell of the wine witch in past scenarios – still better push on.
13.11.17 – Monday – Day 221 – Feeling loads better and much calmer.
5.12.17 – Wednesday – Day 244 – 8 months – Never thought I would make it this far – feeling great too
And so the story goes on 9 months, 10 months, a holiday which I survived and then realised that this is my new life and I am happy this way.
18.3.17 – Day 346 – honestly now I know this is definitely the best thing I have ever done.
6.4.18 Friday – ONE YEAR SOBER – No more this time last year I was pissed or felt like shit – now I feel great and want to tell everyone I meet that if they gave up drinking they would feel amazing – not straight away but in time – it really does happen.
My life before was spent chained to the Wine Witch – how exhausting that wine bitch is!!
I would like to thank Kate Bee and every single one of you for listening and commenting and helping me keep going. this is by far the best feeling ever.

As Kate says keep on keeping on.

I am going to keep posting over the following year as I am sure that there will still be lots of firsts to come.

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