AM : Day 405 – Ubud

I realised a long time ago that I am an all or nothing kind of person. I’ve read that quite a lot of people who are like this have tenancies to lean towards some sort of addiction. For me it was wine, once I stopped drinking it was chocolate. Now that I am holiday (too hot here for chocolate) I am obsessing over the same breakfast. Five breakfasts here in Bali and so far all the same. Fruit platter, mie Goreng and green pancakes (well they were yellow at first as they had run out of pandan which makes them green)

The weather has been very cloudy (I love the sun) but the upside of this is that I am reading and reflecting.

Also will be learning a few “lines” so that I can have a little chat to people without feeling like a fool.

Be prepared.. Like a girl guide or boy scout (that’s probably sexist now and there’s most likely a new word for it) like a…… Guiding Scout Person!!

My breakfasts… And each one was taken at the time of eating.

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